Thanks to companies like Tesla, there is this impressions that electric cars are expensive, although to be fair other car makers don’t price them that cheap either. However it seems that China might have the answer to that problem in the form of the ORA R1 from Great Wall Motor, an electric car that costs about $9,000.

Yes, you read that right. The ORA R1 from the Chinese car maker will cost between 59,800 and 77,800 yuan, which means that when converted we’re looking at a base price of about $8,600, making it considerably cheaper than what most car makers out there are pricing their electric cars. In fact at that price, it is even cheaper than some computer rigs, like a fully specced out iMac Pro.

That being said, obviously for that price we probably shouldn’t expect to see Tesla levels of performance or features. It does seem like a rather basic electric car with a range of about 350 km. One of its feature is also its AI system where users can wake up the car by saying, “Hello, Ora”, but other than that, it doesn’t seem to be particularly feature rich.

However the price tag should appeal to customers who don’t have much to spend and want an electric car all the same. A report from the South China Morning Post claims that China sells about 400,000 small electric cars a year, so the affordable price tag should definitely go a long way in encouraging adoption.

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