If you’ve been around the internet, more specifically YouTube, long enough, chances are you are familiar with YouTube personality PewDiePie. He is one of the platform’s top earners and safe to say that he probably doesn’t need more publicity. However some of his fans have taken it upon themselves to hack printers and websites to promote his channel.

Now according to the latest hacks, it seems that some hackers have managed to hack Google’s Chromecast device where they are posting images and messages promoting PewDiePie’s  YouTube channel. According to the website put up by the hackers, one of the reasons for the hack was to show how exposed some of our connections and devices are.

The website claims that so far they have found over 20,000 exposed devices. They have also successfully renamed over 2,300 devices, and forced over 20,000 devices to play videos. The hackers also claim that they were the ones behind the earlier printer hacks, which is why the MO is pretty similar.

Apart from causing a bit of (what appears to be harmless) mischief, the hackers claim that they are only doing this to protect you and educate the public. They don’t appear to have done anything particularly malicious, but it probably doesn’t hurt to try and revisit some of your security settings.

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