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Last year it was revealed that Google was working on bringing Dark Mode to Chrome on macOS devices. With the latest version of macOS support dark mode, it looked like Google wanted its Chrome browser to play nice, presumably in hopes of stopping users to using Safari, macOS’ native browser.

For Windows users who are a little sore about being left out, the good news is that this is changing. Spotted in the comments on a code change on Chromium by the folks at 9to5Google, it was revealed that Windows 10 was supposed to get dark mode alongside macOS, but due to some flaws the development of the feature was halted.

However as 9to5Google points out, due to the fact that both the Windows and macOS versions are near identical, using information from the macOS version and applying to the Windows version should not be an issue, and they found that they could actually enable the feature via a command flag on Chrome Canary.

For those unfamiliar, Chrome Canary is basically a build of Chrome where experimental features are tried and tested. This means that dark mode for Chrome on Windows is not even close to being ready since it hasn’t even found its way into the beta yet. However if you don’t mind taking it for a spin (you’ll need Chrome Canary), right click the Chrome Canary shortcut, choose Properties, then add “ –force-dark-mode” to the Target which should force it to run in dark mode. In the meantime dark mode for Chrome on macOS is set for an early 2019 release.

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