Disney will be launching their own streaming service later this year dubbed Disney+. Not much is known about it other than the fact that it will stream Disney shows and also shows from brands under Disney’s umbrella, such as Marvel and Star Wars. However we could possibly get more details about said service in April.

This is according to a report which claims that Disney will be showing off their new streaming service and give investors a peek at it on the 11th of April during an investor’s meeting. Whether this information will be made public or if it will be a private screening remains to be seen, but we’re hoping Disney will have more details to share, such as pricing and a potential catalogue of shows we can expect.

There is still no word on when this streaming service will be launched save for a rough timeframe for 2019. Disney’s plans to get into streaming is a pretty big deal as it has affected other streaming services as well, such as Netflix where their licensing deal with Disney will end this year which means that future Disney movies and shows will no longer be available on its platform.

Also while we can’t say with certainty, but it feels like this has also affected Netflix’s plans on whether to forge ahead with their existing Marvel TV shows, three of which have been cancelled and we wouldn’t be surprised if the same were to happen to the remaining two.

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