Most of take our water for granted, where when we turn on the taps, clean and drinkable water (in some countries) is readily available without us having to give it too much thought. Unfortunately that is not the situation in many parts of the world where clean and drinkable water can be found, but a company by the name of Watergen is hoping to solve that.

The company has recently announced the launch of Genny. This is an at-home device that can draw water from the moisture into the air. It can also clean the water to make it drinkable. This is done by pulling air from around us into the system where it is cleaned by removing dust and dirt from it.

This leaves just pure air in the system which is then passed through a heat exchange, put through a cooling process, and then water is created through condensation. This water is then further filtered to remove impurities and add minerals to it.

According to Watergen President of Watergen Dr. Michael Mirilashvili, “There was once a time in our not so distant history, when smoke alarms and color TVs were considered extra bells and whistles in households. This is how we envision our atmospheric water generator and its application for at-home use. We have cracked the code on solving a real ecological issue, economical issue and functional issue, for real people using the best engineering and science, not fiction.”

Watergen is not the first company looking to solve the clean water crisis. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had also previously launched a system that could transform human waste into clean water.

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