Google has highlighted a couple of improvements for its email client that will be rolling out in the near future. G Suite Gmail accounts will get buttons for strikethrough as well as undo/redo. These buttons will be available in the compose window.


The ability to add strikethrough text is an email is a nice addition. There’s no easy way to do that right now when composing an email in Gmail. While you may not use this often in normal correspondence, it will come in handy when you want to signify items that have been completed off a list, for example.

If you prefer using shortcuts on desktop then you may not have much use for the undo and redo buttons. Most desktop users will likely be using the shortcuts to begin with. Nevertheless, it’s a good addition for those who don’t know the shortcuts or prefer tapping on their touchscreen desktop displays.

Users of G Suite Gmail accounts will also be able to download their emails in .EML format. This will allow downloaded emails to be opened in almost all email clients with the attachments and formatting not being messed with. These .EML files can also be sent over email as regular attachments.

Google will roll out this functionality to G Suite Gmail accounts first before bringing it to regular Gmail accounts. That’s likely going to happen in a few weeks.

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