For the longest time ever, Apple has used proprietary ports and connectors for its iPhones and iPads, at least until last year’s iPad Pro refresh where Apple introduced USB-C to the tablet, making it a lot more compatible with cables and chargers and accessories out there. This has led to speculation that USB-C could eventually find its way to the iPhone as well.

This seems to have been “confirmed” in a report from Bloomberg who revealed that Apple is apparently testing out iPhones with USB-C ports for this year’s refresh. However the mention of the term “testing” suggests that this might not be a done deal yet and that there is still a chance that this year’s iPhones could be keeping its Lightning connector.

However we imagine that iPhones with USB-C support is really a matter of when, and not if. This is because USB-C offers up much more functionality than Lightning. Apple has conceded as much when they replaced all the ports of its recent MacBook laptops with USB-C, where not only does it allow users to connect it to a display with USB-C, but it charges it at the same time, all with the convenience of a single cable.

Plus USB-C is slowly becoming the new standard and will eventually replace USB-A, so like we said, it’s a matter of time before USB-C iPhones are a thing. Whether or not it’ll arrive this year is a different story.

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