Jack Black, best known for his music and acting, announced his arrival on YouTube last week. He has set up a gaming channel, a genre that’s quite popular on the video streaming platform. As you can probably imagine, he’s got a lot of fans, and many of those fans are willing to see what he’s going to post on his channel. That’s why his YouTube channel has been growing rapidly since it went live.


Jack Black’s YouTube gaming channel is called Jablinski Games. Black has said that the videos that will get uploaded here will be about “games, food, and life.” The channel’s name itself is indication enough of the focus.

Jablinksi Games gained over one million subscribers on YouTube within a week and merely a few days later doubled that to 2.1 million. He joked in a 28-second video clip that the channel will be “bigger than Ninja, it’s gonna be bigger than PewDiePie.” If it keeps growing at this rate, I don’t see why it can’t be. This short video itself got some 6.4 million views.

Jack Black hasn’t streamed any gameplay as yet on his channel but that’s obviously going to change soon. The channel mentions that there will be new uploads every Friday.

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