KitchenAid a brand that some of you might be familiar with. For those who aren’t, the company is best known for their kitchen appliances, particularly their stand mixers which are used by many as pastry chef around the world. Now it looks like the company has expanded into other kinds of electronics, such as launching its own brand of Smart Displays.


Smart Displays, for those unfamiliar, is Google’s way of incorporating Google Assistant into a speaker with a built-in display, meaning that the device can do more than just playback audio, it can play video as well. We’ve already seen some in the market already, such as Lenovo’s Smart Display and the JBL Link View, but what makes KitchenAid’s offering a bit more unique is the fact that it was clearly designed for use in the kitchen.

The device has an IPX-5 rating which means that it is water-resistant to a certain degree. Given that the kitchen isn’t always the most dry of places, and chances are you might have wet hands in the kitchen, you’ll be able to use the device without worrying about water damage. There will also be features catered towards chefs and bakers via Yummly that will provide step-by-step instructions for cooking.

Other than that, it does pretty much what the other Smart Displays can do, and also whatever Google Assistant can do as well. So if you want another smart speaker + display combo specifically for the kitchen, then maybe this could be it.

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