One of the ways that Apple’s Face ID tech is beating out the competition is the use of a system that measure the user’s face to determine if it is real versus a photograph. This is done by projecting a series of dots invisible to the naked eye that captures depth information. However it seems that come 2020, Apple could be employing a more robust version of that.

In a report from Bloomberg, they claim that come 2020, Apple will be employing the use of a laser-powered 3D camera for its iPhones and iPads. The use of laser will allow for better depth-sensing that could in theory create a better bokeh effect in Portrait mode, and could also allow for enhanced augmented reality features.

The report claims that this camera might actually make its debut on the iPad Pro first whose upgrade is expected for early 2020. This is interesting as it is usually the other way around, where Apple would release features on the iPhone first before it makes its way onto the iPad (such as Touch ID and Face ID).

Also given that the iPads aren’t really devices we take photos with, it suggests that this feature could be marketed as an augmented reality tool. Take it with a grain of salt for now as we’re still a long way off from 2020.

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