Sound on Display technology could be a major trend this year if rumors are to be believed. The latest suggests that LG’s next flagship smartphone will feature this technology. Manufacturers are expected to adopt Sound on Display panels for their devices in the ever-expanding push to further enhance the screen real estate on their devices.

A display panel with the Sound on Display technology will use a combination of bone conduction and vibration for delivering audio. This eliminates the need for an earpiece at the top of the phone and thus allows manufacturers to stretch the display that much further.

LG is certainly not the only company that’s believed to be working on something of this sort. Its Korean rival Samsung is also rumored to show off a prototype device at CES 2019 next week with the very same technology.

However, the latest rumor suggests that LG will be able to bring this technology to market before Samsung, that’s because the Galaxy S10 is expected to ship with a conventional earpiece. This means that the LG G8 might very well be the first smartphone out of Korea with this technology.

Whether or not this ends up happening remains to be seen. LG itself hasn’t confirmed anything about the G8 at this point in time.

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