It’s hard to deny how far Samsung has come along in their display technology, what with the company showing off a foldable smartphone that is planned for a launch in 2019. Now according to the latest rumors from Korean publication ETNews, it seems that come CES 2019, the company could have another display technology that they might show off.


This comes in the form of “Sound on Display” OLED panels. This technology was actually announced earlier this year, but at CES 2019, the publication claims that Samsung might actually have something to show. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, it is as its name implies: displays that can playback sound.

This is done through vibration and bone conduction, where the vibrations from the display will create sound waves which are then converted into sound when it reaches our ears. Bone conduction is not new as there have been some headphones launched in the past that utilize the technology.

This is particularly interesting because what this means is that Samsung could in theory create a smartphone with full display that does not need a cutout for the speakers as the display itself could produce sound. It might also be applicable for use in TVs where it could help slim them down even further as it might not need physical speaker components. Either way we’ll find out in the next couple of weeks as CES 2019 will begin in the early part of January 2019.

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