A lot of technological innovation we’ve seen over the years seems to be about creating tech that’s small and powerful and that can fit into a variety of devices. For example our smartphones are a good example of that, where despite being so slim and small, they do pack quite a punch and have some serious horsepower behind them.

That being said, YouTuber Electronic Grenade has decided to try and cram a fully functional computer inside of a computer mouse. The end result is actually pretty awesome and while it might not be the most powerful, the concept is definitely unique. According to the YouTuber, the original plan was to fit a Raspberry Pi inside of a regular computer mouse, but that proved to be impossible due to the size of regular mice.

Instead he 3D printed a computer mouse that would be suitable for the build. It is slightly bigger than other computer mice, but it is still within the reasonable realm. The mouse features a tiny fold out display and also a fold out keyboard to type on. The mouse on the screen moves with the mouse itself, which means that this is everything you need and no external devices are required.

Of course it’s not the most practical thing we’ve seen, but as far as inventiveness is concerned, this takes the cake. If you have a few minutes to spare, then do check out the video above to see the device in action.

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