#CES2019 – When it comes to choosing headphones, there isn’t necessarily a single model that is beloved by all. This is because we all have different preferences when it comes to sound, fit, comfort, and so on. However the makers of the Nuraphone are hoping to at least eliminate one of those variables with the launch of the NuraLoop earphones.


These earphones follow in the style of the Nuraphones in which they can actually adapt to the user’s hearing. Since as we get older, our hearing gets worse, what sounds loud to someone might sound normal to someone else, and this is what the NuraLoop is hoping to do which is adapt to our hearing to help compensate for any weak spots in our hearing. This is done with a built-in audio test that uses otoacoustic emissions.

This feature was one of the selling points of the Nuraphone and has been brought over to the NuraLoop. The main difference is that the NuraLoop has been designed to be like a pair of sports earphones, so if you prefer a smaller profile this could be it. There are also other features such as active noise cancellation, social mode (it lets outside sounds in), and if you don’t want to go wireless, there is an option to connect a cable with a 3.5mm plug.

There is no word on pricing or availability just yet, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled.

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