The problem with human delivery drivers is that usually it’s one person doing everything. For example in the day of an average delivery driver, they will drive along their routes in a truck, make all their stops, and call it a day. This isn’t particularly efficient as some places take longer to get to, and like we said, it’s basically one person doing everything.

However Continental thinks that they might have the solution. The company has recently unveiled a concept called the Continental Urban Mobility Experience (CUbE). This is essentially a self-driving truck that contains a fleet of robotic dogs who when reaching a destination, will deploy the dogs who will then go on to make all the deliveries.

This means that instead of one person covering an area, like an office building, multiple robot dogs could be used to cover more areas at once which should in theory reduce the amount of time it takes to make deliveries. This could also help increase the number of deliveries made a day. Given that this is a concept, there’s no telling if this is something that could be made a reality, but it certainly does sound intriguing.

What’s interesting about this is that Continental isn’t the first to come up with such an idea. A couple of years ago Amazon had patented a similar-ish idea of a hive of drones that would constantly be deployed to make deliveries.

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