Not much is known about Samsung’s foldable smartphone at the moment. We know that it folds, but apart from that little else is known, such as what it looks like, how big the screen is, how much it costs, and so on. However it seems that bits and pieces of information are starting to surface.

According to a recent teardown of a 5G dongle by Samsung, the firmware of the device contained some information about the phone. According to that information, apparently there are references made the Sony IMX374 camera sensor. These references are also made alongside the codename “Winner” which is Samsung’s name for the foldable handset, which has led to speculation that the phone might use the Sony IMX374 sensors.

It’s actually interesting that Samsung might be using Sony’s sensors, especially since Samsung themselves are also known to make their own ISOCELL sensors. However since Samsung has yet to officially announce their ISOCELL sensors for 2019, there is a chance that this Sony sensor could find its way into the phone first.

There is also the question of whether or not this sensor could find its way into the foldable phone ahead of the Galaxy S10, especially since Samsung has yet to officially announce launch dates for either handset. However we imagine that when it comes to the foldable phone, there is a good chance that people might be more interested in the foldable display rather than its cameras.

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