Spotify isn’t a hardware company but that might change this year. It’s claimed that the company is working on an in-car music player which would enable users to stream music from this service even if they don’t have a fancy infotainment system that can run apps. As you’d expect from a product of this sort in this day and age, the in-car music player will have voice commands as well.

This isn’t the first time that the possibility of such a product coming out of Spotify has been raised. The company is even believed to have teased such a product in pop-up screens inside its app which was noticed by quite a few of its users.

The Financial Times reports that Spotify is going to price this device around $100. The device will circumvent platforms like Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay to deliver music streaming from Spotify straight to the listener.

The device will sync with in-car stereos over Bluetooth and will have buttons that can be preset to playlists. The voice command support will be similar to how it is in the Spotify app for mobile devices. No further details about this device are available right now, such as the storage capacity and whether or not it’s going to feature LTE as well.

It will make the experience much easier for Spotify subscribers since they won’t have to fumble with their phone and in-car platform to stream music. The device will almost instantly start streaming music at the touch of a button. Since Spotify is the number one music streaming service out there, it may find more than a few takers for such a product.

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