Tesla has been running a referral program for quite some time now. When owners give their friends a referral code and they purchase a vehicle, the company gives them six months of free access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed via Twitter today that the company will be ending its referral program soon.


Musk tweeted that Tesla will be shutting down its customer referral program on February 1st. Those who want to take advantage of the program should use a code to order a new Tesla before then as this will be their last chance to get six months of free Supercharging.

When asked if the company plans to launch another program, Musk said that the whole referral incentive system will just end. Those who want to take advantage of the program must ensure that they use a code to order a Tesla before February 1st. As for the reason behind this move, Musk said that the referral incentive program was adding too much cost to the cars, particularly the Model 3.

Tesla launched this program back in 2015. It served as a marketing tool as well since early adopters could rave about it to their friends. The new customers got a nice little incentive in the shape of free Supercharging for six months while those who referred them received different prizes which also included Powerwall home batteries.

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