Tesla has made some major changes in recent weeks to improve its bottom line as it seeks sustainable profitability. The company is reportedly raising Supercharger rates across the globe. It’s apparently raising per kWh rates by almost 33 percent in several markets. The company says that it has decided to increase prices to In a statement, Tesla said it was increasing prices to “better reflect differences in local electricity costs and site usage.”


The electric car company recently announced that it was ending the customer referral program which provided new Tesla customers with six months of Supercharging for free if they used an existing customer’s referral code to purchase their vehicle. Tesla also announced last week that it’s cutting 7 percent of its entire workforce.

The company has been heavily investing in the expansion of its Supercharger network over the past couple of years. It says that new locations are being added on a weekly basis and that it doesn’t think of these chargers as “profit center.” The Superchargers are being shifted from a state / region pricing scheme to a pricing structure that’s based on an individual charging station.

This is being done to take cognizance of local demand and power rates. Take New York for example. The Supercharger rate there was $0.24 per kWh state-wide but with this change, the rate at downtown NYC locations has gone up to $0.32 per kWh which is an increase of 33 percent. Prices in California have gone up from $0.26 per kWh to as high as $0.36 per kWh at some stations. Tesla owners in Europe have confirmed the price hike as well.

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