Scams and forgeries have definitely gotten a lot more sophisticated over the years, largely thanks to forgers learning from previous mistakes, and also due to technology that has copying things even more better than before. Unfortunately for a certain Gerald McGoey, his attempts at falsifying documents was discovered due to the wrong use of a Microsoft font.


According to the reports, it seems that McGoey was the CEO of a company called Look Communications which collapsed and left him bankrupt. Following the liquidation of the company where he was ordered to pay $5.6 million back to his creditors, McGoey claimed that the assets did not belong to him and actually belonged to his wife and children. To “prove” this, he showed the courts two signed documents that alleged that the assets really did belong to his wife and children.

Unfortunately for McGoey, it seems that his scheme quickly unraveled after it was discovered that the font he had used was Calibri for one of the documents that dated back to 1995, and the other used was Cambria for a document dated in 2004. This is important because Cambria was designed in 2004, while Calibri was designed between 2002-2004, but neither fonts were used much until 2007 when they were bundled together with Windows Vista and newer versions of Microsoft Office.

As such it would have been impossible for him to have used either font unless he worked for Microsoft or was involved in the design of the font.

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