We’ve heard of software bugs in the past that have resulted in less than ideal experiences for users. However more recently we have heard a report of how a bug in Adobe Premiere Pro on macOS has resulted in it blowing out the speakers on the MacBook Pro, physically damaging them permanently.


The good news is that Adobe has since fixed the issue in an update to the app that will bump it up to version 13.0.3. The update is being pushed out as we speak so if you’re using the app on your MacBook Pro, you’ll probably want to hurry up and update the app lest your MacBook Pro speakers get damaged.

According to Adobe, “Adobe had a small number of user reports about an issue in Premiere Pro that could affect the speakers in the latest MacBook Pro. Adobe has released a patch via the Creative Cloud app to help address this issue. Please update to 13.0.3.” That being said, it is unclear what will happen to users whose speakers might have already been damaged.

Adobe has made no indication if they will be compensating users whose speakers have been damaged, so it is unclear what will happen on that front, but hopefully the company will do right by their users.

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