Foldable phones are set to be a pretty hot trend in 2019, and so far we know that companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi are exploring the technology and could possibly launch such devices. However it seems that even Apple could get in on the action, thanks to a recent patent which suggests that Apple could be exploring the idea well.

The patent describes how Apple is looking into a mobile device that has a display on the outside and/or on the inside. The design of the device is rather basic so it is unclear as to what the final device could actually look like, but at the very least it seems to indicate that Apple is interested in the idea.

Of course whether or not this will become a reality remains to be seen. For all we know Apple could simply be preparing themselves for when foldable phones do eventually become the next standard in smartphone design. As it stands the concept shows a lot of promise, but whether or not it holds any practical use is still up to the public to decide.

We understand the appeal in a smartphone that also doubles as a tablet and vice versa, but from what we heard about Samsung’s foldable phone, the price might be a bit too prohibitive for people to be adopting it.

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