Have you ever wondered what your Chrome extension does while it is running? A recent study has found that a whopping 85% of extensions do not have a privacy policy and that more than a few are using third-party libraries that have known vulnerabilities. This means that extensions could be hijacked or running rogue without our knowledge.


However there is some good news: according to a report from TechDows, it seems that they have discovered that Google is looking to introduce an activity log for extensions. What this means is that users can monitor what their extensions are up to, and if they find any suspicious activity, they can put a stop to it.

According to the commit, it will add “an event listener for extension activities and polymer components to display these activities in a list with new activities being added to the end. users can start/stop and clear the stream using the start/stop button under the tabs.” There is no word on when Google will be implementing this into Chrome for all users, but for now it seems to be available in Chrome Canary.

If you are using Chrome Canary you will be able to enable it and take it for a test run, but we imagine that the end version could end up being a bit different.

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