The problem that some websites and web apps face is that for the most part, they still exist within the browser which means that certain things, like right-clicking, can be limiting. This was a “problem” that Google’s Gmail service had faced, where right clicking in Gmail wasn’t a particularly useful feature.


However the good news is that after years of being pestered by their users, Google has finally rolled out some changes that will make right clicking in Gmail a whole lot more useful. The update is being rolled out as we speak so you should already be able to see the changes, but if not don’t worry as it should eventually find its way to you.

In terms of what you can expect, for example right clicking an email will allow users to reply an email, forward it, delete it, archive it, move it to a different folder, and so on. Note that all these functions have always been available, but weren’t available via right clicking. For power users who are familiar with keyboard shortcuts, the right clicking function might not necessarily be an improvement, but if you still find yourself clicking around a lot in Gmail, then these changes could be a much-welcome one.

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