There are probably a good many of us who rely on Google Maps for information about a business, such as its location, opening hours, the type of business, phone number, and so on. More often than not, the information listed is usually pretty accurate, but sometimes the information can be wrong or outright fake.


This is why Google has launched a complaint form (via Search Engine Land) where users can submit complaints about possible fraudulent business info on Google Maps. According to Google, “If you come across misleading information or fraudulent activity on Google Maps related to the name, phone number, or URL of a business, you may use this form to submit a complaint. Complaints submitted through this form will be reviewed in accordance with our guidelines for representing businesses on Google Maps.”

Google also notes that even though the form can be filled up and submitted by anyone, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that your complaint will be addressed. Naturally Google would need to do some fact checking themselves to ensure that your submission is valid since we imagine that maybe some competitors could be looking to sabotage the business of others through such methods. In any case the form is live and if you’re hoping to do your part for your local community and businesses, it could be worth checking out.

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