A lot of companies tend to “borrow” features from each other, where a company releases a killer feature for a product or service, and shortly after another company will come along and offer something similar. Unfortunately for Huawei, it seems that a recent report is claiming that the company is actually resorting to some pretty “dubious” tactics to steal the tech secrets of their competitors.


In a report from The Information (via AppleInsider), they cite various examples of how Huawei tried to get one of Apple’s suppliers to reveal information about the company’s products. Apparently, Huawei arranged a meeting with an Apple supplier to discuss a potential manufacturing contract, but instead at the meeting, they kept badgering the company for details about the Apple Watch heart rate sensor.

This is said to be a similar tactic that Huawei has employed against other tech companies, not just Apple, such as Cisco, Motorola, and Akhan Semiconductor. The US Justice Department even alleges that Huawei has a reward program for employees who successfully steal data, with bonuses awarded on how confidential that data is.

It is unclear how true these allegations are so take it with a grain of salt for now. However, this is not the first time we’ve heard reports about tech companies stealing from each other. Previously it was reported that Samsung’s foldable phone technology was actually stolen and sold to companies in China.

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