While Apple’s iPhones are currently not doing so well over in China, it appears that Apple is continue to dominate the Japanese market, and not in a small way either. According to the data from Canalys, it seems that Apple currently owns a 56% market share in Japan as of Q4 2018, putting it head and shoulders above the competition.

Based on those figures, Sharp comes in at second place with 9.8% market share, Sony at 8.6%, Samsung at 6.8%, and Kyocera at 6.2%. Like we said, Apple is very clearly dominating the market in a huge way. However it seems that despite Apple commanding a huge chunk of the pie, their 56% market share actually represents a slight dip in growth.

Canalys claims that Apple is experiencing a dip of 10.5% in year-on-year growth, and this is actually true of all the manufacturers we mentioned above, save for Samsung who actually grew by 10.1%. That being said, Japan just represents one of the many markets that Apple is currently in.

As it stands, Apple’s newer iPhones aren’t selling as well as their predecessors. Apple has acknowledged that there could be a variety of reasons, one of which is the pricing of the phones, and also the $29 battery replacement program from last year which resulted in iPhone owners holding onto their devices for longer than expected.

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