Pokemon Go developer Niantic confirmed earlier this month that it would be rolling out an AR portrait mode for the popular game on Android. This feature is called “Go Snapshot” and it lets players use the app to take AR photos. This feature is now live for Pokemon Go on Android devices.

Do bear in mind that the Go Snapshot feature can only be accessed by players or are a Level 5 or above trainer. This means that you can’t just start playing the game from scratch and use this feature. You’ll have to go out and walk around to capture some Pokemon if you’re able to take AR photos with your favorite monster.

It has already been possible to take photos of the Pokemon that you see in the wild using the app. However, with this feature, the app lets you take photos of the Pokemon that you have already captured with the real world as the backdrop. The way you do that is by tossing a Pokeball towards the background you want. It will also be possible to make the Pokemon interact with real-life objects.

As previously mentioned, this functionality is now available for the Android version of the game for now. Niantic hasn’t said when the feature is going to be released for iOS. “Trainers on other devices, stay tuned!,” it says, so hopefully that won’t take too long.

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