One of the things that infuriated some Samsung handset owners was when Samsung introduced a dedicated hardware button that would launch Bixby. It was initially discovered that users could remap the button, but Samsung quickly put a stop to that. However with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung changed their minds and allowed users to remap it.

However what about older Samsung handsets that also had the Bixby button? The good news is that Samsung has confirmed that older Samsung handsets with the Bixby button can also be remapped as well. According to Samsung, “Bixby Key Customization is compatible with the Galaxy S10, and will be available via a software update on previously released Bixby-enabled flagship smartphones running Android Pie OS.”

There is no word on when the update will be released to older Samsung handsets, but it could be worth looking forward to. Note that from what we can tell, you can’t disable Bixby from launching completely via the button. You can choose to remap single or double presses, but whichever you choose, the other will be used to launch Bixby, along with the long press, so that’s something to consider if you plan on taking advantage of it.

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