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Google Is Trying To Convince Samsung To Use Google Assistant Over Bixby
Companies like Samsung rely on Android for their mobile devices. However, given that a lot of mobile hardware and software tend to be the same, companies try to set themselves apart by offering their own software services. For example, with Samsung, the company has their own alternative to the Google Play Store and Google Assistant.

Samsung Has No Plans To Sell The Galaxy Home Mini Separately For Now
Last year, Samsung kind of launched the Galaxy Home Mini. However, its launch was classified as a beta and it was only available in South Korea. It was expected that the company would launch the device at its Galaxy Unpacked event last week, but that did not happen. Instead, Samsung once again kind of launched the device as a bundle with Galaxy S20 orders.

Samsung’s Galaxy Home Mini Is Now Available, Sort Of
galaxy home miniAccording to the rumors and reports, Samsung was expected to officially announce the availability of the Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker at its Unpacked event. That did not happen, but it seems that the speaker is actually now available, although not exactly in the way that many of us imagined.

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Could Be Released On February 12
Last year, Samsung kind of confirmed the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini when they launched a beta program for the smart speaker over in Korea. For those who are wondering when they might be actually able to get their hands on the speaker, you might be interested to learn that it will be soon.


Siri Is Apparently The 'World’s Biggest' Virtual Assistant
When it comes to virtual assistants, depending on the phone and platform you use, you could be using any number of virtual assistants ranging from Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and so on. But if there was a “world’s biggest” title when it comes to digital assistants, would Siri necessarily be a name that comes to mind?

Samsung Launches Beta Program For The Galaxy Home Mini In Korea
Last year, Samsung announced their upcoming smart speaker in the form of the Galaxy Home. The speaker has yet to be released following a series of delays, but it looks like Samsung is already interested in creating some variants of it. The company has officially announced that over in South Korea, they will be launching a beta program for the Galaxy Home Mini.

Samsung’s Bixby Now Has Its Own App Store
There are many digital assistants in the market these days and just about every company seems interested in creating their own version. Samsung did so with Bixby, although admittedly it didn’t quite take off the way the company had intended, largely due to the fact that Bixby is pretty much limited to just Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy Home Will Now Launch In Q3 2019
Last year, Samsung took the wraps off its Galaxy Home smart speakers. This is Samsung’s attempt to break into the smart speaker market which is currently dominated by the likes of Amazon and Google, but unfortunately, the company could have a hard time doing so especially since the device has yet to be launched.

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Revealed In FCC Filing
Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Home smart speaker. However, it wasn’t too long after the launch that we heard that Samsung could actually have another smart speaker in the works, a smaller version of the Galaxy Home known as the Galaxy Home Mini. Given that Amazon and Google have smaller versions of their speakers, such as the Echo Dot and the Home Mini, this news hardly came as a […]

How To Remap Samsung's Bixby Button (Official Method)Editor's Pick
Samsung is finally letting users remap the Bixby button (aka Bixby Key) to launch other applications. We explain how to set it up, and even update Bixby if needed in easy steps.

Samsung Will Bring Bixby Button Remapping To Its Older Phones
One of the things that infuriated some Samsung handset owners was when Samsung introduced a dedicated hardware button that would launch Bixby. It was initially discovered that users could remap the button, but Samsung quickly put a stop to that. However with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung changed their minds and allowed users to remap it.

Bixby Button On The Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Be Remapped
One of the annoying features in more recent Samsung phones is the dedicated Bixby hardware button. The idea behind it is that it will allow users to quickly launch the digital assistant at the touch of a button, but given that Bixby has been found to be lagging behind the competition, it’s not surprising that not many people want to use it.

Samsung CEO Says The Galaxy Home Will Launch In First Half 2019
Last year Samsung announced the Galaxy Home. This was Samsung’s attempt at breaking into the smart speaker market, but unfortunately, to date, the device has yet to be launched. It made an appearance at the FCC last year, but we haven’t heard anything about its release, at least until now.

Bixby Adds Support For More Languages
It was reported a couple of months ago that Samsung would be expanding the language support for its Bixby virtual assistant. Ahead of the Galaxy S10 event later today, the company appears to have made a server side switch to add support for more languages to its virtual assistant.

Samsung’s Bixby Will Soon Work With Google Maps And YouTube
#CES2019 – Samsung has tossed their hat into the digital assistant ring when they launched Bixby, although initial impressions of the software weren’t particularly positive as many felt it was still lacking. However at CES 2019, Samsung announced that they would be expanding Bixby’s capabilities thanks to partnerships with various tech companies such as Google.

Another Samsung Galaxy Home Speaker Could Be In The Works
Earlier this year Samsung launched the Galaxy Home. For those unfamiliar, the Galaxy Home is a smart speaker in the same lines as the Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod, where it comes with Bixby integrated into the speakers that will allow users to make voice requests, control smart home appliances, and so on.

Bixby 3.0 Expected To Launch With Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone
Earlier this month, Samsung unveiled their foldable smartphone but stopped short of actually announcing when the device will be available, although last we heard, it was expected to launch in Q1 2019, possibly around March. Now it seems that we might have more launch details, namely one new feature that we can expect from the device.

Samsung Galaxy Home Spotted At The FCC, Coming Launching Soon
Several months ago Samsung announced the Galaxy Home which is basically Samsung’s take on the smart speaker. However what Samsung did not mention during the announcement was when the device would launch, but the good news is that it looks like we could be getting pretty close to a release.

Samsung Will Reportedly Open Bixby To Developers
If there is one reason why Amazon’s Alexa has gained so much traction and so quickly, it is thanks to Amazon who decided early on to open Alexa up to outside developers, where it was integrated into a variety of products. Now it looks like Samsung could be thinking of adopting a similar strategy for its own digital assistant, Bixby.

Samsung's Bixby Speaker May Only Launch In Three Markets
It had been rumored for quite some time earlier this year that Samsung has been working on a smart speaker of its own. The speaker would obviously have had Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby baked in. The company gave a sneak peek at the device during its Galaxy Note 9 event in August. It’s expected to release the device called Galaxy Home later this year. A new report suggests that it […]