Apple confirmed during its event today that the Apple Pay mobile payments service will work with public transit systems of a few major U.S. cities later this year. Being able to pay for public transit quickly and easily with your phone is one of the best uses for a mobile payments service so it’s good that support for Apple Pay will arrive to more transit networks in the coming months.

It’s good that these major cities in the United States will now get support for transit payments through Apple Pay. This has already been possible in cities like Beijing and Shanghai where this functionality has been available for almost a year now.

It will eliminate the need for users to get paper tickets or a reloadable card that’s often easy to misplace or lose. Apple today confirmed that Apple Pay will work with transit systems in a handful of major U.S. cities later this month. It will also be possible to pay for your ride by simply tapping the terminal with your Apple Watch.

Apple only mentioned this in passing during its event so the details are a bit light at this point in time. However, it did name New York City, Portland, and Chicago as the cities where Apple Pay will work with transit systems starting later this year.

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