A DC Universe subscription provided fans with access to DC comics. Many would have thought that subscribers would get access to all comics but that wasn’t the cast. Even after an expansion, the service only provided access to a “curated” selection of digital comics. That changes now as the company has confirmed that DC Universe will now give subscribers access to the entire digital comics library of DC.

Starting this month, it’s possible for DC Universe subscribers to get full access to the DC digital comics library. An issue will have to be at least a year old but, nevertheless, it does mean subscribers can even read comics dating back almost 80 years.

DC hasn’t put out a full list of the comics that will now be available to subscribers but there’s a fairly good chance that they will be able to read the early Detective Comics issues as well.

Crucially, DC has confirmed, it’s not going to increase the subscription fee for the service even though subscribers now get access to the entire digital comics library. This is good news for DC enthusiasts who can now get more bang for their buck. It also helps DC drive more subscribers to the service.

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