While Marvel might be enjoying a ton of success on the big screen, DC on the other hand seems to be faring much better on the smaller screen, where its various DC shows on TV have actually been doing pretty well. This led to DC launching its DC Universe streaming service where it would serve as a platform for DC’s original content.

One of the original shows produced for DC Universe is Swamp Thing. The initial trailers and reviews have been largely positive, so you can imagine why many are reeling after finding out that the series has since been cancelled after its first episode, as reported by TVLine. There is no official reason given yet, but there are several theories floating about.

One of those theories is that it could have been due to funding issues, where the series was expected to get a huge tax break for filming in North Carolina. However, apparently due to a clerical error, the tax break was considerably smaller than what the studio had anticipated, which meant that producing future seasons would simply be too expensive to continue, although we have to wonder why couldn’t they have just shot somewhere else or reduced its budget?

There have also been reports that it could have been due to creative differences, where it seems that some weren’t too happy with the horror direction that Swamp Thing was heading down. That being said, the show is still expected to continue airing and that the entirety of the first season will still be released, just don’t expect to see a second season anytime soon, if at all.

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