The Nintendo Switch, designed primarily as a gaming device, is slowly starting to become a modder’s dream. Previously we saw how some developers managed to get Android Q up and running on the console (albeit in somewhat limited form), and now it seems that someone has managed to get Windows 10 running on the console as well.

In a post on Twitter by @imbushuo (via TechRadar), he shows a photo of the Nintendo Switch running with Windows 10 in the background. However there are a couple of catches, one of which is that the version running is the Windows 10 ARM version. Secondly it seems that the software isn’t quite fully functional yet as it only boots to the Windows logo and recovery screen, but that’s pretty much the extent.

However according to the developer, he believes that he will eventually be able to get Windows 10 running on the console. We suppose that makes sense as the Switch shares almost the same guts as a tablet, where it is powered by a mobile processor in the form of the NVIDIA Tegra 1. The developer had also previously managed to get Windows 10 up and running on the Raspberry Pi and the Lumia 950 XL, so why not the Switch, right?

That being said, we should caution you that modding your Switch will more than likely void its warranty, and there is also the issue of Nintendo potentially banning your account if you are caught using a modified console.

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