Toyota is one of the most widely known Japanese companies on the planet. As many of you are already aware, Toyota knows a thing or two about making vehicles. It has now teamed up with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency to build a pressurized self-driving rover for the moon. The rover will vastly improve astronauts’ ability to explore the lunar surface.

According to current plans, this Japanese moon rover is destined to land on the lunar surface in 2029. This six-wheeled vehicle will be able to transport two humans for a distance of about 10,000 kilometers using Toyota’s fuel cell technology and solar power.

The size of this rover will be about the same as two minibuses and it will have 13 square meters of habitable space. Since it will be pressurized, the astronauts on the inside will be able to take their suits off inside the rover as they drive on the lunar surface.

The rover will be sent up to the moon before the human expedition lands and it will travel autonomously to meet them when they arrive. This is far from the idea of having habitable spaces on the moon but the pressurized rover will mark a significant improvement in how humans can go about exploring the surface of the moon.

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