There are a variety of pranks that exists on the internet. Back in the day when users were a little less tech savvy, there were pranks that would trick users into pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL, thus resetting their computers. It was relatively harmless, albeit slightly annoying. Now there seems to be a new prank making their way across Twitter that users should be aware of.

In a series of tweets by the company, they have warned users not to fall for this prank because if they do, they will be essentially locked out of their accounts. According to the company, “We’ve noticed a prank trying to get people to change their Twitter birthday in their profile to 2007 to unlock new color schemes. Please don’t do this. You’ll get locked out for being under 13 years old.”

For those unfamiliar, Twitter has a requirement in place that requires all users to be at least 13 years old or older. By setting your birthday to 2007, it would make you 12 in Twitter’s system, meaning that you shouldn’t be on Twitter, thus getting locked out. Why would anyone fall for this prank, you ask?

This is because of Easter Eggs, like with Facebook Messenger where users could activate the hidden dark mode by sending a moon emoji, thus it would not be a stretch to think that setting your birthday to 2007 could be an Easter Egg. In any case, Twitter has confirmed that it isn’t true so don’t fall for it!

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