Game streaming isn’t new and it has actually been around for years, but improvements have been made to internet speeds and technology since which only serves to make it more viable than before. So much so that Google themselves have gotten into it with the launch of Stadia, and Microsoft has similar plans of their own with xCloud

However it seems that these companies might not be alone in wanting to explore the space. According to a report from US Gamer, it seems that Walmart could also be interested in launching their own game streaming service and have been speaking to developers and publishers since early this year.

The report is unclear as to how far along Walmart is in terms of discussions, such as whether or not these discussions are serious enough to warrant their investment, or if it is simply exploratory. Either way the company is said to be interested, but we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes as a result of these talks.

Walmart might not necessarily be a name you might associate with gaming, but in a bid to better compete with Amazon, the company has been exploring various hi-tech solutions. This includes using robots to scan shelves, scrub their floors, and also virtual reality where they’re using it to train their staff and also provide a more immersive virtual shopping experience.

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