Microsoft is reportedly working on a new lightweight version of Windows for Chromebook rivals and dual-screen devices. It’s said to be making significant changes to the user interface with dual-screen devices in mind. Hardware that runs this iteration of Windows is expected to arrive later this year.

The Verge hears from sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans that this version of the operating system is internally referred to as “Windows Lite.” It’s said to be a more stripped-down version of Windows that’s primarily meant for dual-screen devices. This could mean that perhaps we may see devices with foldable displays running Windows Lite in the future.

Microsoft is said to be building this iteration of Windows to make it look a lot different than the normal Windows 10 interface. The UI may be a blend of the limited functionality of the Windows Phone Continuum user interface and its Surface Hub shell.

While Microsoft may be looking to have this software ready for dual-screen devices first, it may eventually want it on lightweight devices that are designed to compete against Chromebooks. It’s too soon to say at this point in time when Microsoft is planning to ship this version of Windows and if it will indeed be called Windows 10 Lite when it arrives.

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