Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was Netflix’s first attempt at making interactive content which allowed viewers to choose their own ending. It was well received and Netflix said that it would make more interactive content down the line. The company today confirmed its next such show. It’s called You vs. Wild and it stars Bear Grylls.


Bear Grylls is well known for his popular Discovery Channel series Man vs. Wild. His new project with Netflix is a choose-your-adventure TV series titled You vs. Wild. This will be an eight episode show which will let viewers follow Grylls on his survival adventures across the globe. Viewers will be able to choose his decisions in each episode and see how the story pans out.

Bandersnatch did have some dark endings which could be reached by making certain choices. Netflix Vice President of Original Series Cindy Holland was asked whether viewers would be able to make choices which would kill Grylls. She laughed it off, saying that You vs. Wild isn’t expected to be as dark as Bandersnatch.

The online streaming company recently said that it was doubling down on interactive content. It’s not surprising to see Netflix announce yet another interactive series, the second of many that may come in the future.

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