It appears that Apple has permanently cut the price of its Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker by $50. The price is now down from $349 to $299 which brings it below the $300 psychological level. It has not been uncommon for the device to get discounts at third-party retailers but this is Apple now dropping the standard list price for the smart speaker.


This approximately 15 percent drop in the price of the speaker appears to apply to every region. That’s because the price hasn’t just been reduced in the United States alone. A similar change has also been made in the United Kingdom, for example. It goes to show that Apple really is discounting the product.

Apple has priced its smart speaker at the higher-end of the spectrum since the get go. The market is dominated by products like the Amazon Echo which don’t nearly cost as much. That’s why Apple also positions the HomePod as more of a high-quality speaker than just a conventional speaker with a smart assistant built-in.

Whether or not this price cut entices a lot of customers to pick up the HomePod now remains to be seen. It’s not like third-party retailers haven’t already been selling the device for even less than $299 anyway.

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