AT&T has been working on a new streaming service which is said to be a premium offering. It has now provided some more information about when the service is going to be unveiled. AT&T’s premium WarnerMedia streaming service, which will include HBO, is going to be revealed in the fall this year.

This, according to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, who said during the company’s earnings call today that the service will be demonstrated in either September or October this year. “We’re going to give you a detailed look at the product, and that includes the breadth of new and existing content, so just stay tuned for that,” he said.

This service will be separate from AT&T’s existing DirecTV Now and Watch TV services. It’s a standalone subscription service that’s going to be “centered on HBO and significantly enhanced by the Warner Bros. library, which is a very, very deep and prolific library.”

It hasn’t been confirmed right now how much it’s going to cost people to subscribe to the service. AT&T is apparently working on the pricing model so it may not be revealed until the time the company is ready to show off the service. What hasn’t been confirmed is precisely when the service will go live once it’s revealed this fall.

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