The Federal Communications Commission had repealed the net neutrality rules in 2017 and there has been a consistent effort to get them reinstated. A bill which would restore those rules has now been passed by the House of Representatives. The bill sailed through by 232-190 as only a single Republican voted in its favor. However, it’s far from becoming law at this point in time.

Rep. Mike Doyle had introduced the Save the Internet Act last month and it was backed by several Democrats. The bill aims to prevent internet providers from throttling, blocking or prioritizing internet content. It would also reinstate the FCC’s governance over provides under Title II of the Communications Act. Democrats say that this will ensure that those rules are enforced.

It wasn’t all that difficult for the Democrats to have the bill pass through the House since they have control of it. They face an uphill battle in the Senate where the Republicans have sway. It will a considerably more difficult job for the bill’s backers to ensure that it goes through the Senate as well.

The threat to this bill may not be over even if goes through the Senate. President Trump’s advisors have reportedly urged him to veto the legislation if it does manage to pass in the Senate.

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