With the FCC repealing the net neutrality rules, many were concerned about what kind of market this would result in, where ISPs and carriers would try and upsell customers for access to certain things on the internet that were previously available, for example imagine having to pay for access to stream 4K YouTube videos because it’s not part of your internet plan.

Earlier this month US Senators attempted to force a vote to restore net neutrality and it looks like they were successful. The US Senate has now voted to overturn the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality rules with a vote of 52 for and 47 against. However this isn’t the time to celebrate just yet as there are several more hurdles that need to be cleared before it is officially repealed.

The next step involves passing through the House of Representatives, and ultimately it will also require President Donald Trump to sign the resolution to complete the process. This means that there are still several venues in which the Senate’s efforts could fail. There is something of a fallback plan where several states in have already announced plans for their own net neutrality rules.

This includes the state of Washington which is the first state that has turned it into law. However some argue that this might be difficult to enforce on a state level and that companies might try and contest it legally.

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