As many have heard by now, the FCC has repealed net neutrality rules which has been announced (via 9to5Mac) will be coming into effect starting on the 23rd of April, 2018. What this means is that from that date onwards, internet service providers and carriers will be able to legally implement ways that could potentially result in you paying more for services.

For those unfamiliar about what net neutrality means, it means that bandwidth is meant to be treated as equal regardless of where it is coming from. This means that a company cannot pay an ISP more to have their content delivered faster than a competitor, or an ISP can’t charge customers more to access certain websites, and so on.

Those are some of the concerns about the repeal of the net neutrality rules, although whether or not they will actually be realized remains to be seen. However it should be pointed out that while the FCC might have repealed the rules, there are some working to get them back into place. There are also individual states who are coming up with their own net neutrality rules on a state level that companies will need to adhere to.

So far carriers like AT&T have promised that nothing will change regardless of the outcome, but we guess only time will tell as to how big of an impact the repeal of the rules will have.

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