These days security cameras do more than just record video. They are now smart enough where they can actually identify objects and people which can be rather disturbing since it feels like an invasion of privacy. However, if you’d rather not walk around and be identified, there is some good news.

Thanks to the efforts of a group of engineers from the University of KU Leuven in Belgium, they have somehow managed to beat AI-powered cameras from identifying and tracking you. It also appears that the method involved isn’t particularly sophisticated and all it involves is a colorful patch that you can print out at home.

In the video above, you can see how when the patch is being worn or held by a person, the AI camera does not even detect them. It has no issues detecting the other person without the patch, and it also seems to be capable of identifying objects like the chair or refrigerator, but yet it can’t seem to pick up on the person holding the patch.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, as we have seen in the past how in its current state, AI cameras can be tricked by introducing foreign elements that generate “noise” which confuses it. We imagine that in the future AI cameras will be smart enough to overcome this problem, but until then, this could be one way to protect yourself from Big Brother.

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