A lot of websites ask for permission to send you notifications and most of you may ignore them. You never seem to run out of websites that show similar notifications and it can be a nuisance. This is something that Mozilla has noticed as well. It’s now experimenting with blocking website notification requests by default in a Firefox Nightly browser build. The notification requests will be blocked automatically until the user takes certain actions on the website.

Mozilla says that its data shows that less than three percent of notification requests sent to Firefox users were actually granted. This means that the vast majority of users almost never agree to website notifications. Its data also showed that nearly one in five also caused users to immediately leave the site that sent the request.

So as part of this experiment, Firefox Nightly will only show notification requests on websites after a user has either clicked on or typed something there. This experiment is running until April 29th.

The browser build will also begin to show an icon from April 15th in the address bar which will indicate that a site wants to send notifications. Mozilla is merely testing this functionality right now so it’s too soon to say if it will make it to the stable version of the browser.

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