Last year Google launched their Titan hardware security key. For those unfamiliar, this is a USB dongle that when connected to a device, like a computer, would act as a “key” that authenticates users on websites and services. Previously Titan had worked with Google’s Chrome browser, but now it seems that support for more browsers is being rolled out as we speak.

Google has recently issued an update for its Titan key where it will now support other browsers such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Edge. As we said, previously Titan supported Chrome where users could access Google’s services, such as Gmail, YouTube, and G Suite without having to enter their credentials as long as the key was plugged into their computer and were previously authenticated.

Now it looks like Firefox and Edge users will be able to enjoy similar benefits. The Titan key relies on FIDO2 and Google is definitely not alone in creating such security keys, although the company did previously make the headlines when it was revealed that the company had enforced its use at Google. They also boasted that as a result, there were zero employees who had their credentials phished.

The company is selling these Titan keys via its website where it will be priced at $50 a piece.

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