For anyone who’s used Google’s products and services, there is a good chance that your information is being collected by the company to a certain extent. This has led to some to wonder what kind of information Google might collect on users with its upcoming game streaming service, Stadia.

The good news is that Google has stated that they will be protecting and respecting the privacy of its users. This is according to an interview with Google’s Phil Harrison who spoke to in which Harrison stated that Stadia users will be able to create an online persona that’s completely different from your regular Google account.

According to Harrison, “This is built on top of Google’s very robust privacy and personal information policy and we will not change that policy through Stadia. The account you use for Stadia is built on top of your Google account, but of course you’ll be able to have an online persona that is distinct and different from your Google persona. We’re committed to protecting and respecting users’ privacy every step of the way.”

Exactly what this means or how users can go about doing that is unclear, but it sounds like what you do with your Stadia account could potentially be kept out of your Google account. The company has yet to officially confirm when the service will be launching except to say that it will most likely be launched later this year.

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