Ikea and Sonos have been working on custom speakers for quite some time now and the products have now been fully unveiled. The furniture giant has confirmed that it will begin selling the Symfonisk table lamp and bookshelf pieces, both with Wi-Fi speakers built-in, starting August this year. The products blend Ikea’s penchant for great furniture design with Sonos’ audio prowess.

The Symfonisk range features the table lap with Wi-Fi speaker and the bookshelf with Wi-Fi speaker. Both products work with Sonos’ own product range and can also be controlled using the Sonos app. The table lamp combines light and sound into one product and thus enables the customer to declutter the home with fewer devices and cords. It’s going to be available for $179.

With the Symfonisk bookshelf, customers get a great multi-functional speaker which is very versatile in the ways that it can blend into a home. It can either be on display or tucked away. The hooks enable it to be attached to almost any kitchen rail, for example, or it can just be placed vertically. This product is priced at $99.

Both of these speakers will be available for purchase from Ikea later this year in August. They are also compatible with Sonos’ wireless home sound system.

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