Apple’s iPhone XR is essentially a compromised version of the iPhone XS and XS Max, where it lacks certain hardware features such as an OLED screen and also the dual camera setup. However, despite those “limitations”, the iPhone XR has actually done pretty well for itself where it actually dominated iPhone sales in the US.

This suggests that Apple might have made a mistake with its pricing and that customers are willing to sacrifice certain features in order to save themselves a few hundred bucks. The good news is that if you’re planning on getting the second-gen iPhone XR, there is a chance that Apple could trickle down some iPhone XS/XS Max features to the handset, such as its dual camera design.

This is according to information out of China from suppliers who claims that the iPhone XR 2 could feature a dual camera setup similar to that of the iPhone X and XS. At the moment, the iPhone XR uses software to achieve the camera effects of the iPhone X and XS, but if the reports are true, that will no longer be the case for the second-gen model.

This is to be expected as we’re starting to see more mid-range handsets adopt features that were previously exclusive to flagships. Plus it also makes sense, as recent rumors are claiming that the iPhone 11 could feature a triple camera design, meaning that the feature could still be used to set the iPhone XR 2 apart from the iPhone 11.

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